Why RelyLocal?

       When you support a locally owned business in Spartanburg more of your money stays local.  For every $100 spent at a locally owned business $68 or 68% is recirculated back into our community through taxes, employees’ wages, purchase of materials, supplies, and services at other independent businesses.  In addition, locally owned businesses typically support non-profit organizations and civic groups to a greater extent than their big box counter parts.
      Each time you spend money at a big chain or superstore, you’re sending more money out of our community.  Only about 20% of your money spent at Wal-Mart or Olive Garden, for example, stays here.  Most big stores like those are given deep tax incentives which means they’re contributing even less to our local economy.Supporting Spartanburg local businesses, means supporting Spartanburg’s future.  It’s not about standing up against conformity, importing or monopolies.  Though each of those examples have their negative and positive repercussions.  We are just big fans of what supporting the local economy can do for the economic success of Spartanburg! That means better schools, parks and roads!  Potentially even better salaries for our school teachers and men/women of the Police force!  Overall it simply means a dramatically better place to live and raise our families!
So step up and make a difference for the future of Spartanburg!  RelyLocal and show your support

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