Who is RelyLocal?

A word from Hans Rosser, the founder of RelyLocal Spartanburg. 

I started Relylocal Spartanburg to make a difference.  I found so many local businesses were closing their doors due to the amount of customers and business they could bring in.  So I decided to make a way for local businesses to reach “Loyal Locals” without bearing the weight of traditional billboard costs ($750-$5,000 a month) or yellow page adds ($15,000+ a year).  I wanted to create a network where Spartanburg’s Loyal Locals could find a way to make a difference.

I’m a local business owner just like all the business owners who partner with RelyLocal.  After being frustrated with hundreds of dollars spent each month on advertising and marketing in the Yellow Pages, newspapers, billboards, search engines, and coupon flyers.  I wanted to offer local businesses a better way to reach more potential customers for much less money.

When I started RelyLocal Spartanburg I decided to offer ” The most effective, efficient and affordable advertising to local businesses.” I’m proud to say, that initial goal doesn’t even scratch the surface of what Relylocal has evolved into for Spartanburg!

Through RelyLocal we have over 100 local business connected to over 5,000 Locals and those numbers are constantly rising.  With the site getting over 1,200 unique visitors a month and our social networks constantly spreading the word, RelyLocal is really changing the course of history for more than a few businesses in Spartanburg.

RelyLocal Spartanburg isn’t only all over the internet … It’s all over town!  You can see our Logo on many businesses front doors and with the highly anticipated launch of our new “Loyal Local Rewards Card”, Loyal Locals all across Spartanburg are being drawn to Spartanburg’s Local Businesses!

By always keeping our resources local, we are able to invest more than 90% of our revenue back into the community.  I’m proud to take part in building a better future for Spartanburg!   I would encourage you to take a look around and find a way you can make a difference.

So if you’re on board with the movement, create an account to receive our email updates, access coupons and let others know what you have to say about the local businesses in Spartanburg through star ratings and comments.  Like our page on Facebook, Add us on Twitter and always check out Relylocal.com to see the latest local businesses and events in Spartanburg!


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