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Spartanburg is now in High Definition!

8 Jun

Thanks to our friends at    

Not only has Spartan Photo Center been supportive of our efforts here at RelyLocal, they have gone above and beyond to find ways they can make a difference for the Local businesses of Spartanburg!

Through our new collaboration with the Video and Photography specialists at Spartan PhotoCenter, we are able to bring a professional camera crew right into the local businesses of Spartanburg and capture all their business stands for in beautiful High Definition!  Spartan Photo Center has even allowed us access to their most experienced and educated professionals.  They will edit and organize all the video for us to then distribute all across our various marketing outlets.  OurYoutube ChannelFacebookTwitterBlogVimeo and Home Page will then bring the beauty of Spartanburg right to your computer!

Not only does this mean more Viral High Definition but the work they do is top notch and even better quality than most TV programs you’ll see these days.  So, RelyLocal members now have access to Grade-A TV commercial production, for a fraction of the cost going it alone.

Spartan Photo Center rents and sells all kinds of Cameras and equipment.  They have everything you could ever need, whether you’re capturing the little league game or the next top model. They will sit and listen to every question you have about your camera and assist you every step of the way for your project. Their loyalty and commitment to their customers is what truly sets them apart from any other.

Check out our first HD video on RelyLocal where the guys at Spartan Photo Center talk about what being a local business means to them.  Then pull up their page, type your address in the map and take a visit to go see Spartanburg’s only.. “All things Photography!”