Welcome To RelyLocal Spartanburg’s new and improved Community Advocate Blog!

29 May

With some big changes on the way including a “Loyal Local Rewards Card” bringing discounts and incentives to all Locals at select Local Businesses, a new RelyLocal mobile phone app that will revolutionize the way you use RelyLocal and some new tools we will be using to keep in touch with Spartanburg like text message updates and email campaigns….. pheww… that was a mouth full… anyway…

With some big changes on the way, we decided to refresh our Social Presence by updating and customizing our Facebook and Twitter Pages as well as redesigning the Blog.

Even though you have the website, we’ve found many of you in Spartanburg want a more interactive experience.  So that’s why we give you the ability to leave comments, rate businesses and post your own public events. We thought with all the new improvements on the way, we should go the extra mile and create a blog that gives you a more in depth look at what we do and the businesses we partner with.

So, with this first post I cut the ribbon.. opening the doors to a new in depth exploration of Spartanburg… I encourage you to subscribe to the email updates because you’re not gonna want to miss some of our upcoming topics… like “Who’s keeping it Green?-Saving on the Power Bill actually Saves Spartanburg” and “Who’s making a difference?- Companies in Spartanburg you should know about but may have never heard of”

Lets Just Consider the ribbon cut…



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